About Us

Bruce Alles

"A deep knowledge of wood and a dedication to his craft inspire the wonderful creations by Bruce Alles, owner of Fawn Meadow Wood Crafters Inc." That's how Design NY magazine phrased it. Bruce is an artisan. His education in architecture, design and engineering was the start to a three decade corporate career. The finish to his life is the enjoyment of bringing "The Splendor of Wood" to people who understand how beautiful wood can be. When you stand back and look at something, say a mountain range, you see the majestic scale, color, clouds, and the tree line. Now get close. What do you see? Mountains are gone, but the structure of individual rocks with outcroppings of trees and plants are everywhere. Scale is more inviting and less intimidating. The colors are separated, more pronounced and recognizable. It is this understanding of how people relate to their surroundings that makes Fawn Meadow a cut above. We use our knowledge of various woods to marry beauty with ergonomic scale.

Our shop is small enough to be personally attached, yet large enough to handle multiple projects at once. Plus, we have a saw mill and kilns on site to cut and dry your wood or, if the job calls for it, we cut the log specifically for your project. We welcome a challenge and have the tooling and experience to bring it to fruition.

The Shop